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Good Day to you all! To start let me share a little bit about myself. I have spent my entire life submerged in the infinite sea of...

Value & the Millionaire Mindset

I often think about the next big thing that could potentially net me earnings. It all comes down to your perceived value that you create....

Taking the Next Step

Taking the next step is often the hardest part of anything that we're trying to get accomplished. One of my biggest challenges has always...

I Hate Cutting the Grass!

A recent story really got me thinking. Would you rather pay somebody $25/ week to cut your grass or cut it yourself? (For this example...

Be the Best You Can Be!

Really think about it. I spent a majority of my time early on constantly being stuck in the mindset of "Why don't I have enough money?"...

Andy The Controller

Whoa!!! I came out of nowhere with that title! Lol. Let's back up a second here and I'll tell you how I ended up with that nickname...


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