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Andy The Controller

Whoa!!! I came out of nowhere with that title! Lol.

Let's back up a second here and I'll tell you how I ended up with that nickname amongst others. I am a numbers guy at heart. People that know me will tell you that I am constantly wrapping my head around facts and figures. Key point, I'm the weirdo that drives by an unoccupied building thinking to myself, why are all of their lights on, don't they know that costs money??

In a world of complete chaos, I like order and control. It's comforting knowing that everything is in its appropriate place. Whether you're a business or a person, it is important to constantly be on top of your numbers game. After all it's crucial to this thing we call life.

One of the biggest impacts on my day to day life, is knowing not only where all my money is (or in some cases where it all went) but where I stand in assets and investments. It has help me achieve far greater things in a shorter amount of time than constantly spinning my wheels. Knowing these things not only gives you an overall picture of where you are, but it allows you to sit back and visualize where you want to go.

I urge you to take the first step, figure out where you stand (and I mean an honest approach here) and where you want to be. In the business world, I start every project this way and no matter what mess I find myself in, I seem to be able to figure a way to comprehend what is going on. Then and only then, can you find better ways to approach your financial wellbeing.

I am not one of the thousands of other people out there that has this belief that your daily trip to Starbucks is what is preventing you from having some kind of savings here. But I do believe that if you don't know where you stand, it makes such a trivial thing, a complicated nightmare. Once you start tallying where you go and what you do, you realize how much more you spend versus what you thought.

Never has there been a cheaper and easier time to manage your finances than right freaking now people!!! Between the ample amount of apps and technology that is floating around, do it, be diligent about it, the results will make your wallet very happy.

I personally think that many people are afraid of money or believe that they are incapable of mastering the art of it. We are conditioned to believe just that, and then we all argue over what you can do to actually save money.... Does "stop buying avocado toast" ring a bell for anyone? The truth is that most blogs/ websites/ people will only discuss 5% of what you actually spend money on.

Look at the whole picture, we accounting nerds call this a profit and loss statement or P&L. Do one for your personal finances!! A fairly straight forward concept, but basically you tally your income vs your expenses. This gives you a great overview of your finances on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. I use monthly and yearly the most.

You'd be surprised how many ways you can leverage what you earn to change how you spend with the goal to be able to put money aside for (Insert Vacation/ Retirement/ random plans here).

This will set you up for success, not failure. And the best part about it is that you may not necessarily have to change much of your lifestyle in the process.

Get out there, take back control of your finances!!!

-Andy (The Controller)

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